Challenge provides potential for change
Claudia Prinz

Organizational development - my philosophy

Systemic organizational development makes use of a wide range of interventions from systemic family therapy, which is very familiar to me.

In addition to my work with individuals, families and institutions, over the years I have been able to develop my personal approach to working with companies.

To put it simply, for me it is conclusive to consider a company as a family, regardless of whether it is a family business or a general form of a company.

As a daughter of a family of entrepreneurs, I have been involved in the topics of a family business since my childhood and have developed a strong interest in working with companies.

I see many advantages in systemic organizational development as well as in hypnosystemic work with organizations, in comparison to the classic way of working.

By reflecting on the context of observation, a constructive connection between practice and theory is facilitated. Considering the system and the environment, internal organizational resources, external influencing factors and explicit requirements of the organization, and last but not least the employees, work progresses towards a common goal.

In a family-run business, other factors besides the requirements of a business as such play an essential role. Different rules of the game lead to conflicts that can have a destructive effect on the company and on cooperation. Working with family businesses is all about developing new rules of the game together. This also includes allowing changes on the emotional level and breaking new ground. Repeatedly, the systemic approach is very helpful, as well as rich experience in working with families and other contexts.